The Gates Open, and They’re Off!

Today was the first day of Magic Appreciation Tour (MA Tour)! We started with 18 authors and 28 books, which is an excellent beginning. But it isn’t too late! If you are an author of a magical fantasy book, you can still register for the tour through the end of March. That will still give you two months (through May 31) to show off your books and engage with your fellow fantasy authors. Just click the Magic Appreciation Tour badge in the sidebar, check out the site, and register when you are ready.

How to Tour

Touring with our authors is easy. The site gives you the tools you need to connect with other authors and exchange blog posts.

  • Exchange Posts: Use the Post Exchange to offer a blog post on your blog in exchange for a request for a post on another author’s blog. We match you up with two other authors: one who is requesting the kind of post you offered, and one who is offering the kind of post you requested. We try not to do direct, two-way exchanges so we can avoid a tit-for-tat bias.
  • Comment on Blogs: The Authors page on the MA Tour site gives you ready access to every author who has a blog. Show your support by visiting the blogs of your fellow authors and commenting on their posts.
  • Share: Tweet, plus-one, and otherwise share links to the blog posts and books of your fellow authors. Did you read their book and like it? For goodness sake, tell the world!

How to Find Your Next Fantasy Read

The Book Sale page was designed to help you quickly find a book you might enjoy reading. Once you find something you like, we give you the opportunity to explore the title further.

The MA Tour site lists every book that has been registered by our participating authors. You can browse the listings and check out the compact but generous cover thumbnails and blurbs. Find something you like? Handy links on the right let you buy the book right away or learn more about the author. If the author has a book web site, you can click a link to visit it as well. Finally, if any MA Tour participants have reviewed the book, you can visit their blog to see what they had to say.

Open to Suggestions

This is the first tour, so there’s lots of room for improvement. If you have ideas for how the site or the touring aspects can be improved for our readers or our authors, please use the site’s contact page to share your thoughts.

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