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Audio Interview with Will Hahn

Here’s a special treat for those of you who like to actually hear an author interview.

Magic Appreciation Tour author Mark Tierno interviewed author Will Hahn about his writing experiences. During the interview, not only does Mark ask some great questions of Will, but he gives you an insight into his own writing process. It was fun to hear the many ways in which Mark and Will are similar and dissimilar. Give it a listen; I’m sure you’ll enjoy it.

Mark Tierno interviews Will Hahn

You can find many more interviews on Mark’s site Membership is required to access the recordings, ┬ábut it’s free and easy to join.

Visit for more author interviews

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The Spring 2012 Tour Comes to a Close

The Spring 2012 Magic Appreciation Tour has come to a close, and I would like to thank all of the authors who signed up. I’m pleased with the number of authors who actively participated in the author networking. We all made a few new friends and helped each other get the word out about our books.

Some of our authors are wondering, “What’s next?” Well, for now we have two months to rest up for the next tour. I’ll be doing more to separate the reader-oriented features of the site from the author tour features, and as part of that effort, all books will remain in the MA Tour book listings until you ask me to take them down. The book sale page will become more and more valuable to readers as the number of books increases.

The final wrap-up for this tour includes two new books and several author tour blog posts. I hope you enjoy them!

New Books on Tour

I’m pleased to welcome the following new books and authors to the Magic Appreciation Tour:

  • Nimpentoad by Henry, Josh, and Harrison Herz
    Nimpentoad is a delightful illustrated children’s fantasy story crafted by Henry Herz and his two sons Josh and Harrison. It is a tale of the courageous and resourceful little Nimpentoad, who leads his tribe of Niblings through the perilous Grunwald Forest.
  • Seeking a Scribe (Enchanted Bookstore Legend, #1) by Marsha A. Moore
    Seeking a Scribe is the tale of Lyra McCauley, who upon opening a magical book, finds herself confronted with a quest to save the fantasy land of Dragonspeir from destruction by the Black Dragon.

Post Exchange

We have several new posts this week from our touring authors. I would like to thank them all for sharing their blogs and their time with their fellow fantasy authors! I really enjoy learning about our new authors and their books. Be sure to visit these blogs and follow them.

Coming Up

We still have a few post exchanges out there that may come through over the next few weeks, and I’ll post an update near the end of April with links.

Keep an eye on this blog for the latest news about the upcoming Summer 2012 Magic Appreciation Tour. I’ll also report in as I make enhancements to the MA Tour site.

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