Summer 2012 Tour – Week 2 Retrospective

Well, it must be summer. Fantasy authors everywhere are out dancing among the trees in the forest, running across the flowery meadows, and paddling the blue waters. Sitting in front of a computer holds little appeal compared to that kind of fun in the sun. Consequently, the Summer 2012 Magic Appreciation Tour got off to a slow start, but I have some action to report this week. We have two more weeks of the Summer tour to go, so don’t be shy, submit those Post Exchange requests!

New Books on Tour

First I want to announce the latest additions to the Magic Appreciation Tour. We are up to 41 books now, and the book page is starting to look impressive. I’m confident that any fan of magical fantasy can find many hours of excellent fantasy reading. Thanks to all of you who have taken the time to register your books with the site.

Recently added…

  • Amadi, the Phoenix, the Sphinx, and the Djinn
    by Katharina Gerlach
    Amadi, a young thief apprentice must rely on her training to avoid an assassin and a jackal-headed god while she tries to avenge the murder of her Helping Hand.
  • Heritage Avenged cover Heritage Avenged (Enchanted Bookstore Legend, #2)
    by Marsha A. Moore
    Questioning whether Dragonspeir magic was responsible for her aunt’s death, Lyra McCauley resolves to learn the truth and accepts the Imperial Dragon’s appointment into the Alliance sorcery training. Becoming proficient in magic craft is the only way she can bridge the gap between her mortal human world and the magical world of her immortal wizard lover.
  • Crystal Warrior (Legend of the Crystals, #1)
    by Mike Cooley
    Larissya’s life changes forever when her Grandmother gives her a magic crystal that shows her glimpses of the future. Hunted by mercenaries and an evil group known as the Triad, she is rescued by a large brute of a man named Talos and his band of diminutive followers. She soon discovers that everyone thinks she is the one referred to in legend as The Crystal Warrior.
  • Legacy (The Arbiter Codex, #2)
    by Christopher Kellen
    The Arbiter’s Tower has fallen. Less than a month after defeating the great evil inhabiting the southern city of Calessa, D’Arden and Elisa must face an even greater challenge: reclaiming the ancestral fortress from an unimaginable darkness.
  • Eolyn
    by Karin Rita Gastreich
    Sole heiress to a forbidden craft, Eolyn lives in a world where women of her kind are tortured and burned. When she meets Akmael, destined to assume the throne of this violent realm, she embarks upon a path of adventure, friendship, betrayal and war.

If you know any other authors of magical fantasy who would enjoy touring with us, please send them to the MA Tour site to register.

The Post Exchange

A couple of MA Tour posts went live over the past week. Please feel welcome to visit the post links and leave your comments. We appreciate your feedback and support!

  • Interview with author Will English
    Christopher Kellen interviews Will English on his blog “Eye of the Storm.” Chris talks with Will about his writing influences, writing short fiction, and going independent to publish his first book.
  • Flash Fiction Challenge – Sorcerer’s Price
    Chris Kellen was the first of our authors to post his response to the MA Tour flash fiction challenge. Come see what he did with the prompt, “Some days I wish I had never met that woman.”

Magic Appreciation Tour authors are welcome to submit more offers to the Post Exchange. It’s a great way to get more traffic to your blog and to get to know some of your fellow fantasy writers!

Click to Exchange a Post

And don’t forget to enter the Flash Fiction challenge! Post your entry on your own blog and notify me through the MA Tour Contact page by the end of June.


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2 responses to “Summer 2012 Tour – Week 2 Retrospective

  1. Cat

    I’m so sorry that I can’t do more at the moment. With the kids behaving like 2yr olds, and 5 novels to translate before the year runs out, I’m stretched a bit thin. Still I very much enjoy being part of the MA Tour. I’ll try to be more active when things calm down a bit.

    • Don’t worry about it, Cat. That’s one of the nice things about a recurring event: you can always jump in next time! Thanks for stopping by and letting me know what’s happening with you. Good luck with the translation and with the kids.

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