Winner of the Summer 2012 Flash Fiction Contest

by Daniel R. Marvello

We have a winner! Christopher Kellen’s entry “Sorcerer’s Price” was selected by our judge to win the grand prize. Many thanks to Scott Bury for his entry as well. My wife Susan (our judge this round) said it was a tough call because she enjoyed both entries.

Sadly, we didn’t get much participation in the flash fiction contest this tour, but I think I’ll keep a writing challenge in the mix for next time. If anyone has suggestions for a prompt or for contest parameters, feel free to pass them along to me.

In the meantime, here are links to all of the entries from the authors who participated:

Chris won his choice of any book from the Magic Appreciation Tour book sale, up to a value of $10. So, not only does Chris win, but some lucky MA Tour author gets an extra sale. 😉


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2 responses to “Winner of the Summer 2012 Flash Fiction Contest

  1. Cat

    Congratulations. I’m sorry I couldn’t participate but my middle girl will go to middle school next term, and there were so many things to do to get her into the one she wants to go to, my head spun until I was dizzy.

    • I hope everything worked out well and your daughter gets to go to the middle school she wanted.

      No worries on missing part of the Summer Tour, Cat. You can always join us again next time!

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