Spectacular Spring Equinox Fantasy Sale–March 20-22, 2013

The members of the Magic Appreciation Tour (MAT) are holding our first group promotion event: the Spectacular Spring Equinox Fantasy Sale from March 20-22, 2013. We are banding together to offer great prices on our books and we are giving away lots of cool free prizes.

In a promotion like this, everybody wins. Our readers win because they get great magical fantasy books at sale prices and can enter to win free stuff. The authors win because our promotion efforts are multiplied by efforts of the other participating members.

If you write magical fantasy and have been thinking about joining the Magic Appreciation Tour, this is your big chance to get off the fence and sign up your books! Membership in the MAT is FREE, and you get lots of great benefits, including free blog tours, guest posts from other authors, free promotion for your book through the MAT web site, and opportunities to join group promotion events like this one with other authors in your genre.

About the Sale

What makes the Spectacular Spring Equinox Fantasy Sale so cool?

  • All books are priced under $5, and some will even be free.
  • Many authors are contributing prizes to the “master giveaway,” dramatically increasing the odds that each entry will win something.
  • We’re actually holding TWO master giveaways: one just for readers with a US mailing address that includes physical prizes like autographed paperbacks, and one for readers around the world that includes digital prizes like e-books and gift cards.
  • Many participating authors are also running a separate giveaway on their own blogs in association with the event, so you get even more chances to win free stuff!
  • As of this writing, we already have 18 confirmed authors, and we are just getting started! That means at least 18 of us will be pooling our social networking connections to promote the event.

Join the Fun

If you are already a member of the Magic Appreciation Tour, you don’t have to do anything special. Just use the MAT Contact page to tell me you want to participate. We can work out the details of which books you want to promote and if you want to offer a prize later. But don’t delay! Authors who respond earliest get premium placement on the promo page for at least one of their books.

If you are a magical fantasy author but you are not a Magic Appreciation Tour member, you can still join us. All you have to do is register at least one of your titles at the MAT web site and use the Contact page let me know you want to join the event (please review the Submissions Guidelines before you register to make sure your book qualifies). I’ll add you to the event mailing list, which will be used strictly for coordinating this promotion.

If you are wondering just how great an event this will be, check out some of the authors who are participating and some of the excellent prizes that have already been offered:

  • Daniel R. Marvello: a special low price on Vaetra Unveiled plus free copies for the master giveaway. Also, if it’s released in time for the event, the same for Vaetra Untrained.
  • Christopher Kellen: a special low price on his book Elegy plus a signed paperback copy of Elegy for the master giveaway.
  • Marsha A. Moore: a set of all three books in her “Enchanted Bookstore Legends” series.
  • Roger Eschbacher
  • Will Hahn: discounts on current titles and a free copy of one title for the master giveaway.
  • Tracy Falbe: a special sale price on Savage Storm and an autographed paperback of Rys Rising: Book I.
  • Vanna Smythe
  • Becca Mills
  • Mathew Reuther: print and digital copies of his Dire Calls series book bundle for the master giveaway
  • Scott Marlowe
  • Alesha Escobar
  • L. Blankenship
  • Elizabeth Baxter
  • Katharina Gerlach: three copies each of Amadi, Urchin King, and Scotland’s Guardians for the master giveaway.
  • Karin Rita Gastreich: a print and digital copy of EOLYN for the master giveaway.
  • Matt Bridger
  • Juli D. Revezzo
  • Melissa McPhail

What you see above is just a sample. These are early days and many of the participants have not yet decided on what they will offer.

Beware the Ides of March!

The deadline to sign up for the Spectacular Spring Equinox Sale is March 15. But please don’t wait until the last minute. Sign up now and reserve March 20-22 on your schedule today.


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