Gravity’s Revenge Kickstarter Blog Tour with a Vengeance

When Magic Appreciation Tour author A.E. Marling completed the manuscript for Gravity’s Revenge, the third book in his Enchantress Hiresha series, he wanted to do more to bring his story to life in readers’ imaginations. He envisioned a book that would include wonderful illustrations, and we all know original artwork doesn’t come cheaply.

To help him create and release the high-quality book he imagined, he conceived a Kickstarter campaign that would raise funds to cover the production costs as well as a few strategic promotion tactics. In my opinion, the financial goals of his campaign are reasonable and quite achievable.

If you are interested in ever doing a book-related Kickstarter campaign, I highly recommend that you check out what A.E. Marling has done with his. The pledge levels are inventive, the rewards are compelling, and the copy for the campaign is brilliant. While you are there, consider making a pledge that will help him bring Gravity’s Revenge to market fully-realized:

Gravity’s Revenge: an epic fantasy w/internal illustrations

As a special treat, Mr. Marling is offering a $30 Amazon gift card just for visiting today and reading about his campaign. You can enter to win by clicking the link below:

Enter to win a $30 Amazon Gift Card!

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