Guest Post: Shane Porteous on the Heroic Fantasy Anthology “Nine Heroes”

Running the Magic Appreciation Tour has given me the opportunity to meet many wonderful fantasy authors. Some have years of writing experience and others are fairly new to the writing game. Most have one thing in common: they are passionate about their writing and they want to help others feel the joy.

Shane Porteous is one of our cadre who is willing to to put out extra effort to help others realize their dream of being published. Organizing an anthology of fifteen authors is no small task, but he took the lead with the Battle of Ebulon fantasy anthology, which included three authors from the Magic Appreciation Tour. Clearly a fan of collaborative publishing, Shane is now getting the word out about a new anthology, Nine Heroes: Tales of Heroic Fantasy.

When Shane asked me if he could tell you about this new release, I was happy to oblige. Here’s Shane now to tell you all about it.


Daniel R. Marvello


Ladies and gentlemen my name is Shane Porteous, I am probably best known on this blog for compiling and organizing the Battle of Ebulon anthology. When I put up a post for that particular anthology I was very humbled and grateful to all the great authors in this group for either contributing stories to it or mentioning it on their blogs, Twitter, Facebook, Goodreads account etc.

Well as it happens, I wrote for another anthology called 9 Heroes, it was published through Stencil Press and while I personally had no hand in accepting stories or editing for it, I personally did come up with the idea of doing it. The reason why is simple enough, to help get better recognition for talented writers.

The anthology was put together with the same mentality that the Magic Appreciation Tour was assembled, to allow writers to help other writers, to help showcase relatively unknown talent as well as of course helping readers discover new books. Every single cent of the proceeds is going to help promote the Heroic Fantasy Group of writers, it is a truly great group. I personally have read a number of books from their various authors and all that I have read have gotten my personal thumbs up, (I consider that quite an honor as I hugely value my own opinion, ha ha.)

Now I know that everyone always says that about an anthology they wrote for and while I strongly believe I am telling the truth. I will give you another example or rather reason that might interest you in buying it.

As writers we probably all have had a bad experience with editors, while there are some brilliant editors out there let’s face it, there is also a lot of “essay” editors out there. You know the ones I am talking about, instead of looking at your story as the individual piece it is, they try to force every story into the same style over and over again. Some editors don’t seem to realize that a story about a 16 year old in an urban fantasy environment HAS to be told much differently than a tale about a 5,000 year old immortal in a high fantasy realm and vice versa.

With this in mind, I am very proud to say that the editor of 9 Heroes, Walter Rhein (himself a very talented author, basically if you enjoy the works of David Gemmell you’ll love any of his books) understands this completely, he respected the writing style of each contributor and made sure not to force anyone into a box, while at the same time being very thorough in eliminating those pesky throwaway grammar and spelling mistakes.

Because of this, the anthology has what any good anthology should have, a vast array of writing styles. Some are written with break neck pacing, while others are more methodical, more of a “painting a picture with their words,” style. It follows the tried and tested three ring circus mentality, something for everyone (who likes the many shades of heroic fantasy anyway.)

So in the very spirit of why the Magic Appreciation Tour was set up in the first place, I politely ask you to please get yourself a copy of this anthology and if you are so inclined, chuck up a review of Amazon. Failing that if you could just mention it on your blog, facebook, twitter, goodreads accounts or tell your real world friends about it, it would mean a lot to me.

I thank everyone for taking time out of their busy schedules to read this post.

Nine Heroes    Nine Heroes is available in both paperback and kindle on

Nine Heroes: Tales of Heroic Fantasy

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