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R.A. Salvatore to be interviewed by one of our own!

I got some exciting news recently from Magic Appreciation Tour author Will English: fantasy luminary R.A. Salvatore has agreed to be the subject of an interview!

Will is understandably excited, and he’d like to share his excitement by giving you a chance to participate. If you were interviewing R.A. Salvatore, what questions would you ask? Please feel free to share your thoughts in the comments.

On his blog Random Musings of a Summer Dreamer, Will writes about gaming, fantasy literature, and occasionally hosts interviews from other authors. If you check out some of his previous posts, I’m sure you’ll want to give his blog a follow.

But be sure to pay special attention next month when Will publishes his interview with the creator of the incredibly popular character Drizzt Do’Urden, author of the DemonWars Saga, and author of over 30 books in the Forgotten Realms series.


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Audio Interview with Will Hahn

Here’s a special treat for those of you who like to actually hear an author interview.

Magic Appreciation Tour author Mark Tierno interviewed author Will Hahn about his writing experiences. During the interview, not only does Mark ask some great questions of Will, but he gives you an insight into his own writing process. It was fun to hear the many ways in which Mark and Will are similar and dissimilar. Give it a listen; I’m sure you’ll enjoy it.

Mark Tierno interviews Will Hahn

You can find many more interviews on Mark’s site Membership is required to access the recordings,  but it’s free and easy to join.

Visit for more author interviews

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