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Second Week Retrospective

We have completed week two of the Spring 2012 Magic Appreciation Tour, and once again, I’m amazed at what a great group of authors we have. People are tweeting, posting, and sharing each others works all over the Internet. Here’s the scoop on some of what has been happening.

New Books on Tour

We added a few new magical fantasy books to the tour this week. Please check them out and welcome our new authors (their names link to their blogs):

  • Protector by Vanna Smythe
    Will Kiyarran fulfill his duty as a Protector, or allow his love for Issiyanna to guide his future path? Magic, loyalty, childhood friendship, greed, and love all clash as Kiyarran is forced to make his decision.
  • The Dawn Herald by LB Mara
    The Dawn Herald is a tale of fantastical creatures, broadswords and battles, princesses and angels, ancient evil and extraordinary bravery.
  • Destiny of the Wulf by Harrison Davies
    The fate of this world hangs in the balance, and it is left to Coinin and Marrok to reunite the Swords of Cerathil that would save the planet from destruction.

If you know any other authors of magical fantasy who should be touring with us, please send them to the MA Tour site to register. We’ll be taking registrations through the end of March.

Blog Post Exchanges

Our authors have also been busy over the past week putting up new posts.

  • Inspiration Despite the Odds by Mark Tierno
    Mysti Parker hosted a guest post by Mark Tierno on her blog “Unwritten.” Mark reveals the secrets to launching his 5.2 million word epic Maldene and keeping it going.
  • Book Giveaway: Dragonfriend by Roger Eschbacher
    I’m hosting a book giveaway of Roger’s young adult fantasy book Dragonfriend on my blog “The Vaetra Files.” Roger is giving away two copies and the giveaway ends March 24, so come on over and leave a comment. You could be one of the lucky winners!
  • 7 Questions: Author Mark Tierno
    Roger Parker hosted a fascinating interview of Mark Tierno on his blog “The Novel Project.” Roger asks seven questions about Mark’s writing process and his epic fantasy Maldene.
  • Dragonfriend – Book Review by Agatha Raine
    Agatha Raine posted a review of Roger Eschbacher’s book Dragonfriend on her blog, summing it up as an “enjoyable read.”
  • Epic Fantasy and Modern Mythmaking by Jeff Shanley
    Mark Anthony Tierno hosted a guest post by Jeff Shanley on his blog “Maldene.” In his post, Jeff writes about the inspiration behind the extensive research and world building efforts that went into his Mavonduri trilogy.
  • Behind the Curtain of the Magic Appreciation Tour
    In case you missed it, you might enjoy a guest post I did about the MA Tour over on Sarah Pearson’s blog “Empty White Pages.” Sarah has been a supporter of the Tour since the beginning even though she doesn’t write magical fantasy, and I appreciate her willingness to help me get the word out.
  • How The Dawn Herald Came to Be by LB Mara
    Okay, this wasn’t an official Post Exchange, but it does involve two MA Tour authors. Vanna Smythe hosted a guest post on her blog by LB Mara, who tells an amazing story of dreaming the entire plot for her book The Dawn Herald.

Don’t forget that the book giveaway for Urchin King by Katharina Gerlach is still running through March 21. Head on over to Roger Eschbacher’s blog and enter to win a copy for yourself!

Tour authors are welcome to enter all of the book giveaways as well, so please help us encourage entries in the giveaways by adding yours.

To date, I’ve made 20 Post Exchange pairings! Not all of them have been published yet, but we can always use more Post Exchange offers. I still have an offer that has not yet been paired, so come and get it!

Click here to Submit a Post Exchange Offer

Thanks to everyone who has been tweeting and re-tweeting on the #matour hash tag. You folks are helping to keep the tour traffic flowing!

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First Week Retrospective

The first week of the Spring 2012 Magic Appreciation Tour has drawn to a close, and our authors are busy publishing their first blog post exchanges.

Here at MA Tour headquarters, I sent out 13 notifications to authors who submitted a Post Exchange offer. Some of you are getting used to seeing the subject line, “Post Exchange Notice: You’ve been paired!” in your email in-box.

We can always use more exchanges though. I have two authors who need partners for more exchanges, so don’t be shy about signing up. Just visit the Post Exchange page and submit your offer.

This Week’s Posts

Some of the exchanges have already been completed. Check out what your our authors have been up to:

  • Review: Vaetra Unveiled by Christopher Kellen
    Okay, so this one technically preceded the start of the tour, but since we are both met on the tour, I decided to include it. Besides, its about my book!
  • Interview with Fantasy Author Christopher Kellen by Daniel R. Marvello
    I asked fellow author Christopher Kellen five interview questions and got excellent, in-depth responses from Chris. Come check it out and see how I discovered how much we have in common.
  • Win a Copy of Urchin King by Roger Eschbacher
    Roger is giving away a copy of Urchin King by Katharina Gerlach on his blog. This contest ends on March 21, so get over there and leave your comment!
  • Author Spotlight: Roger Eschbacher by Katharina Gerlach
    Katharina interviews Roger on the Independent Bookworm blog. Learn how NaNoWriMo helped Roger start his novel Dragonfriend.
  • Interview with Mysti Parker by Will Hahn
    Will interviews Mysti–also on the Independent Bookworm blog.  Enjoy Will’s amusing interview style as he finds out which heart-throb actor was an inspiration for Mysti’s book A Ranger’s Tale.

I’m sure more posts are coming, since we still have 9 pairings out there in the wind.

Ditching the MailChimp Email List

Authors who signed up for the tour in the past were automatically added to an author news email list that I was managing with MailChimp. Well, I decided I’m not going to continue that list. Even though registering for the tour gave me permission to add authors to that list, I’m just not comfortable with what is effectively an opt-out strategy. Besides, setting up emails in MailChimp is a pain in the sword arm.

Instead, this blog is now the official source of news about the Magic Appreciation Tour. If you want email notifications, you can get them by subscribing (yay, opt IN) using the “Follow via Email” form in the top right corner of every page. That form lets you subscribe using the built-in WordPress subscription service, which has robust options and gives you complete control over your subscription.

The shine on the dagger is that everyone, not just participating authors, can find out what’s going on with the MA Tour through this blog.


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